Writing and recording music that will entertain audiences is our passion and our specialty. Let's create music that will last forever and you can be proud of.
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Songwriting Production

Do you have a song or an idea that you love, but it doesn't hit quite right, or build in the way you audiated? Spend time with a member of our music production team and level up your song!

Music Commissioning

We'll assemble a team of songwriters compose with your project in mind. We connect the right musicians to record music to fit the mood and atmosphere of your multimedia project. This can include but is not

limited to films, commercials, or fine art. 

Instrumental Tracks

Programming drum tracks, horn parts, strings, etc are great options when writing a song, and when you're ready to breathe more energy into your sound, we'll connect you with a professional musician to augment the recording you've already made.  This can also

include writing the parts.

Project Conceptualization

Connect storytelling with sound design, songwriting, and visual design to create a performance experience that will leave your audience wanting more.

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