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The Be Plus Studio specializes in the process to create and enhance original music. If you are in the studio or in preproduction stages and are hitting blocks in your songwriting, we got you.

If you are in need of custom music for your project and want to license music to bring your project to life, we offer that too. We do not record your band. We have partner studios that we work with to make complete a project.

Film Clapboard

Music Production

Do you have a song or an idea that you love, but it doesn't hit quite right, or build in the way you audiated? Spend time with a member of our music production team and level up your song! Go further---


We assemble a limited team of songwriters to collaboratively create. We connect the right musicians together write and record music which are synched for films, advertising campaigns, or can be licensed for an artists material. Keep going

Instrument Tracks & Original Beats

We write beats for your music and record instruments to augment your song? Need drums or guitar? Need an original beat written? I want to know more


Prepare the music to be recording studio ready by finalizing lyrics, structure, melodies, chords, and laying down any scratch tracks to tempo. This will save you time and money in the recording process. But how?

Photo & Video


Conveying an entire story through an image is essential

in the digital age. We work with you to capture

your work and make it accessible so that

everyone sees what you see. Here's how


Workshops and Masterclasses

Film Clapboard

The music business can feel like a maze, and with some guidance you can run through it! Attend a workshop, learn from masters of their craft, and go on

an adventure quest of inspiration.  Join us

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