Writing and recording music that will entertain audiences is our passion and our specialty. We will create music that will last forever and you can be proud of.
Need something different than what we offer? 
Reach out! 

Do you have a song or an idea that you love, but it doesn't hit quite right, or build in the way you audiated? Spend time with a member of our music production team and level up your song!

Music Production

Music Synchronization

We'll assemble a team of songwriters compose with your project in mind. We connect the right musicians to record music to fit the mood and atmosphere of your multimedia project. This can include but is not

limited to films, commercials, or fine art. 



Conveying an entire story through an image is essential

in the digital age. We work with you to capture

your work and make it accessible so that

everyone sees what you see.

Instrument Tracks & Original Beats

We write beats for your music and record instruments to augment your song? Need drums or guitar? Need an original beat written? Let's work together.


Prepare the music to be recording studio ready by finalizing lyrics, structure, melodies, chords, and laying down any scratch tracks to tempo. This will save you time and money and 

Film Clapboard


Joe's advocacy film work has aided Soundscapes in raising over four million dollars since 2012, and helped make the story of this innovative non-profit organization accessible to the world. Documentary films are an excellent tool for any individual or organization with a story to tell.