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Be Plus Studio_Logo4HighRez_Trans.png

For years, I've named my studio the Be Plus Studio. Plays on the space between the traditional A and B studios, thinking about staying positive, and drawing inspiration from collective behaviors of pollinator bees lead me to find a way of integrating lots of concepts together to create an image that reflects the studio philosophy. I integrated a microphone into the bee to create a kind of bio-mechanical bee, also as a way to acknowledge my appreciation for forward and future oriented thinking. 

I was referred to ChromaXDesign by a friend, and worked closely with Ashley Lawler to create an image that would be clear, compelling, interesting, integrate all of my concepts together, and look great on a t-shirt. The unique typeface and subtitle featuring Songwriting & Music Production sends message that we're here to make epic music, and collaborate with musicians to create music that truly connects with the audience. This studio is not built to only record your band. It's built to build your sound and convey your ideas and your vision.

When we look for inspiration as musicians, it's important to look outside of our own work, and into other disciplines. The natural world is an abundant source of intersectional inspiration, and we can draw upon it to create sounds that ring throughout time.

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